Tour Packages

Was traveling to Egypt a dream that you always wanted to live? Looking to acquaintance with Egypt without busting your travel budget? , Tango Travel proposition Egypt Tour Packages that will make your arrangement much easier, Light on the distinctive aspects of our Egypt Vacation Packages, Take a look at Egypt Holidays in most historical Sites Such as Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan. Paradise and lifelong memories wait so pick all-inclusive Egypt Tours.

Egypt Classic Tours

If you want to stay a little closer to home, Tango Travel makes it easy for you with Egypt Classic Tours, A wonderful involvement in tour that we are not being able to interact ourselves, forge a path through Classical Egypt. See the main sights of Egypt with this Classic holiday...
Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor Packages
start from $750.0000 $750
Cairo, Nile Cruise and Lake Cruise Packages
start from $1500.0000 $1492
Cairo Tour Packages
start from $450.0000 $443

Egypt Honeymoon Packages

Your honeymoon is the holiday of a lifetime, Tango Travel experts bring your dream honeymoon to life through Egypt Honeymoon Packages, light on romantic candlelit dinners, relaxing at Red Sea sunny beaches and moreover with Egypt Honeymoon, is it once-in-a-lifetime adventures, wi...
Romantic Honeymoon Packages in Egypt
start from $990.0000 $970
Cairo and Hurghada Honeymoon Packages
start from $925.0000 $905
Nile Cruise Honeymoon Packages
start from $800.0000 $800

Egypt Short Tours

Short Breaks to Egypt designed for you by Tango Travel to set in the heart of the beautiful Egypt countryside and revered for its graceful beauty and classic history, Light on Egypt Short Tours to visit Cairo which is one of the best known and most loved cities in Egypt. Addition...
Cairo and El Minya Short Tours
start from $350.0000 $350
Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Short Break
start from $450.0000 $450
Cairo and Hurghada Short Breaks
start from $450.0000 $450
Safari Short Breaks
start from $400.0000 $400

Egypt Budget Tours

Travel is not matter of money but of courage, So Tango Travel Experts tailored Egypt Budget Tours to combine less money and your passion to travel, enjoy the real culture away from the tourist resorts with Cheap Egypt Tours. We have a selection of tours for Cheap Holidays to Egyp...
Egypt Cheap Tours Packages
start from E£0.0000 E£0
Cairo and Hurghada Cheap Tours
start from $0.0000 $0
Cairo, Luxor and Aswan Budget Tours
start from $250.0000 $250

Egypt Safari Trips

A safari can be the holiday of a lifetime with Tango Travel. There is so much on Egypt Desert Safari, with so many opportunities and extras inspiring landscapes in Farafra Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, Kharga and addition with Safari Egypt, this wonderful Safari in Egypt offers an acquain...
White Desert Camping and Safari
start from $0.0000 $0
Gara Cave Safari Tours from El Minya
start from $0.0000 $0
Egypt Desert Safari Tour
start from $0.0000 $0
Cairo, Desert Safari and Nile Cruise Tours
start from $1150.0000 $1150

Red Sea Holidays

Tango Travel contribution Red Sea Holidays which is one of life’s true indulgences, As the figurative birthplace of the all Red Sea Travel, Reading a book under the shade of a giant palm tree, lazing on glistening white sands, Have a great snorkeling Trips, moreover variety of to...
Marsa Alam and Cairo Holidays Tour
start from $0.0000 $0
Marsa Alam Holiday packages
start from $0.0000 $0
Sharm El Sheikh and Petra Holidays
start from $0.0000 $0
Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo Holidays
start from $0.0000 $0

Egypt Luxury Packages

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times, Tango Travel allows you to explore and discover the ultimate Egypt Luxury Packages with many Egypt Luxury Tours covering all Egypt Highlights such as Giza pyramids, Luxor, Aswan, and the Red Sea
Wonders of Egypt by Luxury Yacht
start from $0.0000 $0
Splendors of Egypt
start from $0.0000 $0
Best Egypt Tour Packages
start from $0.0000 $0
Luxurious 10 Days in Egypt
start from $0.0000 $0