Egypt History

Egypt the most fascinating country in middle east, Egypt is a land of legend and mystery, a story to tell, a world to live and scout the most gleaming finds of it like snorkel the Red Sea, adventure the desert, walkthrough its souks and markets, be amazed with its history which start since 10th millennium BC, where the sun gazed upon a land and choose it from among others, this land grew up along years and became an empire, destined to be cradle of civilization and know as the mother of the world, Egypt is a wonderful place to go when you’re tired of the real world, when things get too busy, when things are too hectic. Egypt is a place far, far away in time and space.

Be witness with its advanced ancient civilization, its accomplishments include monumental architecture, medical science, monotheism, and mummification, besides its unique religious and cultural monuments. On the other hand, Egypt enjoys a geographical location, and a moderate climate all the year-round, along with its smooth vast coastlines, and beaches with its unique treasures of coral reefs, providing Egypt with advantages of a competitive edge.

Egypt is located on the northern coast of Africa continent, it has southern borders with Sudan, Libya from west, and then Egypt famous with its amazing beaches because it has the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea, where it all begins as which it known, explore the night life of Cairo at the Nile River, be amazed with safari desert at Kharga and Dakhla oasis, stare at the glorious parts of south Egypt at Luxor, Aswan and more.

Egypt is a unique, sun drenched country with mysterious history, with Ibis Egypt Tours explore the gleaming finds of it, Scout the mysterious aspects of Desert Safari, experience Honeymoon Packages or Red Sea Tours, try Short Break Tours to Egypt, then get yourself ready for Golf Tours in Egypt and more with Egypt Travel Packages.

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